Advantages of Utility Bill Printing and Mailing Services

A number of benefits can be gained by outsourcing utility bill printing and mailing services. This includes saving time and money, improving customer service and creating a streamlined process.

Outsourcing may also improve the quality of the output. A well-organized invoice will result in fewer customer complaints. Moreover, statements may be customized to suit the needs of various customer segments.

A statement-printing and mailing service offers a one-stop shop for the entire bill-processing cycle. Often, these companies have tie-ins with USPS and have the necessary equipment to make the process a breeze.

The utility billing statement has the capability to upsell the customer, as it can be personalized with variable data. It may also be designed to inform the consumer of new offerings or special rates.

A bill mail service can also offer a variety of other services, such as late notices. Additionally, these companies can provide 24-hour support. They can also integrate with the most popular CRMs.

Some bill mail services even offer a custom postcard builder. Besides, these services are able to track consumer response to critical documents and provide real-time notifications.

Outsourcing utility bill processing can also benefit an organization. It can help in delegating tasks, reducing workload on customer service call centers, and enabling messages to inform customers of upcoming changes. In addition, these outsourced services are regulated by the government, giving business owners the peace of mind that comes with a third party handling their bills.


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